Move Complete!

Moving to a new hosting provider is not something you want to do every day, but not offering free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt did ultimately become a showstopper for me. It’s 2019 – come on! 🙂

Run a Ubiquiti USG in (semi) Transparent Mode

Ubiquiti are known for their Unifi range WiFi access points and easy management. If you use their controller software you can get some useful graphs and a dead-easy configuration utility. However, without having Unifi switches and gateway router (USG) you won’t get detailed traffic statistics. Problem with that is – you may not be able […]

Mikrotik RouterOS CHR on VMWare ESXi

Why Mikrotik? Mikrotik RouterOS is an extremely versatile routing platform used from very low-end home routers all the way to carrier grade core and peering routers. Apart from Routerboard hardware, the official hardware running Mikrotik RouterOS, you can also install ROS as a virtual machine on your platform of choice. If you’re already down the virtualization […]