Why Mikrotik?

Mikrotik RouterOS is an extremely versatile routing platform used from very low-end home routers all the way to carrier grade core and peering routers. Apart from Routerboard hardware, the official hardware running Mikrotik RouterOS, you can also install ROS as a virtual machine on your platform of choice. If you’re already down the virtualization road, give this a try to see what you can get out of it. By default you’ll get a free trial license but paid licenses are extremely affordable and don’t even register compared to the big “C”. For example, a perpetual license for 10Gbit upload per interface is $95!!


Let’s do it!

Download ROS as VMDK from Mikrotik under the Cloud Hosted Router section. I typically go for Current.

  1. Create a new folder on your datastore and upload the CHR-VMDK file
  2. Create a new VM on the ESXi host, use Linux and Other Linux (64-bit) as guest OS options
  3. Select your datasore you want to install on
  4. Select number of CPU cores and RAM, delete hard disk and CD/DVD options
  5. Manually add a new hard disk and select the CHR-VMDK file you uploaded
  6. By default SCSI is selected as controller which will not work. Change to IDE controller
  7. Finish your VM setup and start your new Mikrotik virtual router!



There you go – 64-bit RouterOS on Intel hardware!








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